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What SUP Pump Adapter Do I Need for My Inflatable SUP?

What SUP Pump Adapter do I Need For My Inflatalbe SUP - Big Blue Guide

A SUP pump adapter is a valve adapter that allows you to inflate a paddle board quickly and comfortably with an electric pump with a compressor function or with a simple compressor pump.

Some inflatable paddle boards come with their own electric pump or at least with a set of different air valve adapters. Depending on the valve on your paddle board and the type of pump you want to use, different adapters are a must. This applies especially in case you want to inflate your paddle board with a compressor.

Read on to find out what the different SUP pump adapters are for and which one you need for your paddle board.

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What SUP Pump Adapter Do I Need for My Inflatable SUP?

Not all SUP boards have the same valve, but most do – namely the Halkey Roberts high pressure (HR) valve. Therefore, most SUP pump models also fit almost all paddle boards. The SUP pump adapter is screwed onto the valve and the air hose of your pump is connected to it.

SUP pump adapters are very suitable if you already have a compressor pump at home or an electric pump with compressor function.

This approach is particularly practical because manually inflating a paddle board to 10-15 PSI takes quite a lot more power than in the first pumping strokes.

Here is a selection of several good SUP pump adapters you can check out:

1. PetAZ Multifunction Valve Adapter with 4 Air Nozzles

PetAZ Multifunction Valve Adapter

Main Features

  • nozzle for a Halkey Roberts valve compatible with most SUPs
  • additional heliciform, round, and sharp heads for other watercraft (canoes, inflatable mattresses, floating rings, etc.)
  • standard Schrader fitting for an air compressor or a bike pump (electric SUP pump possible, but not required)

2. PeSandy Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor

PeSandy Inflatable SUP Pump Adapter

Main Features

  • reaches recommended air pressure in 5-10 minutes
  • standard connector fitting for bike/tire pump
  • suitable for paddle boards, rubber boats, dinghies
  • made from durable hard plastic and alloy

3. HEYTUR Inflatable SUP Pump Adaptor

HEYTUR Inflatable SUP Pump Adapter

Main Features

  • Halkey Roberts valve for inflating to up to 20 PSI
  • with a Shrader valve fitting to connect to any pump (electric, hand, foot, or air compressor)
  • also available: a multi-pump adapter for connecting multiple pumps simultaneously
  • allows for inflating in record time
SUP Pump Adapter on a SUP
Source: Amazon

4. PeSandy 4 Air Valve Nozzles

PeSandy iSUP Pump Adapter

Main Features

  • compatible with any pump
  • inflate SUPs, boats, kayaks, swimming rings, and more
  • package includes 4x air valves and 1x valve adapter to connect to the pump

5. SEAMAX Nylon Air Hose Kit

SEAMAX Nylon Air Hose Kit

Main Features

  • an air hose for a SEAMAX electric pump
  • great as a replacement if old one is broken
  • high compatibility thanks to multiple adapters
  • Halkey Roberts valve adapter is pre-installed

6. BUZIFU iSUP Schrader Converter

BUZIFU iSUP Schrader Converter

Main Features

  • fits all Halkey Roberts inflation valves
  • also compatible with Wakooda, Wahoo, Tower, Red Paddle, Isle Explorer, SeaEagle, Hala, and Sevylor board valves
  • sturdy and durable copper fitting and a hard plastic hull
  • 8mm inflation pin

7. UJEFF Halkey-Roberts (HR) Air Valve Adapter

UJEFF Halkey-Roberts (HR) Air Valve Adapter

Main Features

  • works with both electric and hand pumps
  • easy inflating and deflating
  • 3/4 inch in diameter on the valve side and 13/16 inch on the hose side
  • compatible with the electric pump and SUP boards from Costco and BOTE

How to Inflate a Paddle Board with a SUP Pump Adapter?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to inflate a SUP board:

  1. Roll out your iSUP flat with the valve facing upward.
  2. Remove the valve cap from the board.
  3. Place the SUP pump adapter in the correct position (pin facing outward).
  4. Connect the pump hose to the pump.
  5. Connect the pump hose to the adapter with a twisting motion (Be careful not to push the pin back in.)
  6. Pump up the board to the recommended pressure.
  7. Pull the pump hose off the valve with a twisting motion. (If the pin was positioned correctly, no air should escape.)
  8. Replace the valve cap.
  9. Now your board is ready for the water!
SUP pump adapters
Source: Amazon

Are Inflatable SUP Pumps Universal?

Normally, the hose of any electric SUP pump also fits the valve of your paddle board, as it is standardized.

However, it could happen that the hose doesn’t hold properly in the valve and comes off easily while pumping. This happens due to the rubber seal, which is either too large or too small. With good pumps and high-quality boards, the pump hose should hold perfectly when inflating, though.

Otherwise, if the hose doesn’t fit tightly on the valve, then you can try replacing the sealing ring.

SUP pump Adapter with SUP
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Can I Use Any Pump for My SUP?

In general, you can use any pump for your SUP. Electric SUP pumps have gained popularity, especially dual-stage pumps where air pressure is automatically adjusted in the first and second half of the pumping process.

SUP pump adapter

Alternatively, you can just use the manual pump that usually comes with the iSUP. A less popular option is to inflate the SUP with a compressor, which is possible but generally not recommended as it could damage the SUP beyond repair.

What Is the Recommended PSI Level for My SUP?

In most cases, a level of air pressure between 10 and 17 PSI is good, with an average of 14 PSI. The exact pressure needed depends on the board itself. You can find the optimal air pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch) either in the manual or directly on the ring surrounding the valve.

The weight of the paddler is also a factor. For example, if the SUP board is used by a very light person, such as a small child, the air pressure should be slightly lower than indicated.

Each inflatable paddle board differs in materials, PVC layers, and type of drop stitch (single layer, double layer, fusion). Therefore, some SUP boards are of particularly high quality and designed for high pressure.

In any case, do not pump up to more than 25 PSI or your inflatable paddle board may burst. The advantage of electric SUP pumps here will be that they automatically shut off when they reach optimal pressure.

If you are using a hand pump, you don’t have to worry about overinflating – due to the high air pressure inside the SUP, it is physically impossible for you to over-pump it.

Final Thoughts

To get the best possible riding characteristics and the highest stiffness, it is always recommended to pump up the maximum pressure on your SUP board. You will notice a difference between 10 and 15 psi. The riding performance is significantly better and the board flexes less in the water.

With the appropriate SUP pump adapter, you can have your SUP board quickly and conveniently inflated.

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